Monday, June 29, 2009

About that Quote in My Profile

Some families have a crest. Some have a motto. We have a family, um, shall we say, exhortation (see my profile at right). I think the seeds of it were planted four years ago, when we took our boys to Italy for a couple of weeks. We flew overnight from Houston to London, and instead of connecting directly to Florence, decided on a one-night stopover to see the English sights. 

The kids were brave travelers. But by the third morning of the trip, as we readied to leave the London hotel for the train station and then the airport, my three-year-old looked up at me with big eyes and asked: are we just going to keep going?

Well, sort of. We don't sit still too long around here, and at times I struggle with that. But when time to sign up for the next adventure comes around, I have a hard time saying no. Which leads to numerous marital discussions about the pros and cons of our lifestyle. But weird as it sounds, when we were watching a DVD and heard Ryan Adams exhorting one of his bandmates to play a song this way, we siezed upon the quote and it somehow crystalized something for us. Come what may, we prefer to keep trucking. Like Husker Du, you know? But sort of a bluegrass Husker Du. 

Photo by Flickrer Kurt Christensen.

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