Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Five Pandas

Today we visited the Beijing Zoo. We got to see several young pandas
that were evacuated from the Sichuan province after the earthqu*ke
there last year displaced them. The kids loved seeing the pandas; even
more so, the stuffed animal pandas grandma got them as souvenirs--
three for our kids, two for some cousins back in Houston. When we got
back to our hotel room, JuenJuen (her nickname and what we're calling
her now) tucked all the pandas into her little bed. A diversionary
tactic to avoid the 2-hour nap they told us she takes each day?
Possibly, as I have seen no sign of such a nap--there was no room for
her in there, what with all the pandas. As a result of receiving the
nap report I have been forcing everyone in the nuclear family to
pretend to go to sleep right after lunch so that JuenJuen will get to
nap, with very modest levels of success.

Truth be told, I don't mind if she's not into napping, as her brothers
both dropped their naps around age three, and we are busy people.
Plus, hard as it is to fathom, it's only about seven weeks until she
starts kindergarten in Houston, where there are no naps. So Baba
(daddy in Chinese) and l agreed that today will be the last day of the
nap charade.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I am happy that my biggest worry of
the day was nap scheduling, or the lack thereof. JuenJuen is being
very brave and gamely getting to know her new family and new life. She
is sweet and sparkly and spicy. I know that bigger challenges may lie
down the road, as they do for all families, but for now we are just
happy and thankful to have one very sweet little girl in our lives.

Oh, and the titular five pandas. After they had their long nap in
JuenJuen's bed, we tucked them in together tonight, and they are
snoozing peacefully with her as I write. Tomorrow we visit some very
famous Chinese landmarks. Hope I'm able to get some photos to you.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

it posted! and that is about the best picture ever. Love it!!

Christie said...

Oh Mannnn! May I Please have ALL of the aps you bare sacrificing? Many of us sleep short hours in the night, and a 15-20 min nap is a GOD SEND! OK Jenny, I KNOW you've read and blogged and inhternetted everything possible ... but my 2-cents worth (as a psychologist/lawyer/street-kid-myself...who did NONE of the above) I'd just trust your wonderful, loving, intelligent self...and the "selfs" of your BEAUTIFUL INTELLIGENT family! Of course there are always "lssons learned" from every previous exprience...but, again, my own 2-cents worth--ENJOY YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE!! WING IT!!!! You're smart, you're a great MOM,your family is FAB...go with it like you always have!!! YOU ARE GREAT, YOUR FAMILY IS GREAT, ROSEMARY IS GREAT!!!! You've hit the "Trifecta", the "Hat trick"...you have God on your side with your great works...and we all know, with God on your side..... xo

Tari said...

your ponytails are nice and even - no one would ever guess it was your second day. :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

(as Walker)

I just love the fact that she looks so happy.