Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Post on the New York Times' Motherlode Blog

I've been noodling with this piece for a long time, ambivalent as my patient readers well know about whether to publish. This week, I went for it. We can discuss more about why in days to come, if anybody's interested.

In the meantime I'm visiting friends and preparing to relish all the end-of-the-decade music shows that are bound to be airing tomorrow.

Talk to y'all soon.


MCC said...

Oh, I thought the new Motherlode piece was great!

I've been following your blog here ever since I read your first piece for Motherlode. I enjoy seeing the pictures, of course, but I would really love to have more of the *story* ... more narrative about the experience and more insight into what you and Rosemary and your whole family are thinking/feeling/etc.

I am considering international adoption (though I don't qualify for China), and I want to study every piece of insight and experience and advice that I can find as I work on making my decision.

Hope you all have a very happy 2010!

Sarah Hazel said...


Punta Cana Mom said...

This was a *great* read. I wasn't sure where it was going at first and then I realized it was about Rosemary!
Wishing you and your much happiness in the new year.

allison said...

Your candor is so refreshing. I have been out of the loop since leaving Houston but I have enjoyed this peek at the evolution of your family (and your experience of motherhood.) Nothing cookie cutter about you, Jenny. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Caryn said...

I saw your blog entry on motherlode via the nyc times. small world, I actually live in Houston as well. An extended family member of mine also adopted a little girl from china, and she is in second grade now :)

I commend you and your family for the awesome commitment you have made to your children as well as the world. I think there is nothing better in this world than someone opening up their hearts, family and home to a child. I have a blog also, and if you ever want to check out mine, here is the link

ps- love the ryan adams quote!

LLH Designs said...

I enjoyed every single word. Keep writing your heart out. You're good at it...and have plenty of good material right under your roof. xo...Linsey

Jilly said...

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