Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Just Considering It

I don't know why I view the launching of my own blog with such dread. I used to write hundreds (sometimes thousands) of words a week for pay. But it has been almost 10 years since those days and frankly, where in the world am I going to start?

How about here: We're in the process of adopting a six-year-old girl from what we've been told is one of the best orphanages in China, the Beijing Social Welfare Institute. When we land in the United States at the end of March, she will become an American citizen, one of over 50,000 such children, mostly girls, who have had a similar experience since the Chinese government began allowing international adoption in 1991.

When we began considering Chinese adoption in 2003, the program had a reputation for speed and efficiency--a friend had begun and completed her adoption of a healthy infant in less than a year. But in the years that we waited for our boys to be old enough, everything changed. Wait times for Chinese adoptions increased dramatically, and programs in other popular countries, including India and Guatemala, faced dramatic reductions and/or closures. China implemented a change in policy emphasizing for the first time domestic adoptions of healthy children among its own citizens. Foreign agencies were encouraged to place special needs and older children, known in the adoption world as Waiting Children. We have selected one of those waiting children to be our daughter.