Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Brief Clarification

An astute reader commented after my "Yippee Skippee" post that she assumes things are not always hearts and rainbows around our house. This is an absolute fact. I generally figure that goes without saying, because whose life is always like that? Mine's not.

This morning, for example, meltdowns have been more the order of the day than hearts and rainbows. But it's early yet; here's hoping....


MemeGRL said...

Oh dear--I shouldn't comment when my kids were around--I hope you didn't take that as criticism! Your post made me smile so, so much yesterday--what a joy she is. I was truly just trying to acknowledge that days that aren't all hearts and rainbows only make the ones that are all the sweeter.
And you are right--don't we all almost always post only the best on our blogs? A commenter complimented a summer post of mine by saying something like "and no tv!" but I had to set her straight--like "breathing oxygen" and "eating food" I'd just left TV off the list.
Anyway. I love the photo. And I truly, truly meant no disrespect to you so I hope none was taken.
May the meltdowns subside and your family continue to grow in joy and love together! I am so appreciative for the view in to your first year together.

htownjenny said...

No disrespect taken! I actually thought about it when I posted the video & considered attaching a disclaimer, because I hate the idea of people who might be struggling being discouraged by what they *imagine* as someone else's easy or perfect situation.

But at the same time, I just love the fact that sometimes, after all this time waiting and hoping for a girl to complete our family, hearts and rainbows is indeed what I get. It's awesome.