Monday, July 5, 2010

On July 5, 2009...

We met our daughter in Beijing, China. She was six-and-a-half. Last night we went to dinner at Fung's Kitchen to celebrate the milestone. We ordered the family combo meal, and though we probably should've been tipped off by the fact that it was described on the menu only in Chinese, we weren't. So we ended up with a dinner like so many we had in China, composed of things we couldn't identify with certainty, and also a severed chicken head, which regrettably, we could.

Perhaps in retrospect we should've had pizza, since Papa John's was our first meal as a family of five. Apparently it is the custom to give the new families quiet bonding time in their hotel rooms while the guide fetches pizza. I do love pizza, and so does little miss.

So I guess now it's time to say goodbye. Sadly, this is it for the Axis for the forseeable future. I've really enjoyed posting here, but have scruples about publicizing my kids' lives on the Internet, so I have to sign off. I have so appreciated everyone's encouragement and support over the last year; all your comments and emails really made a difference. You can still reach me at the email address listed on this blog if you ever need me; especially if you want to talk about older child/special needs adoption. I'd love to help.

PS: I'd hoped to have my new website set up by now to share with you, but I'm not quite ready. I'll leave it here, as a forwarding address of sorts, when it's available.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Brief Clarification

An astute reader commented after my "Yippee Skippee" post that she assumes things are not always hearts and rainbows around our house. This is an absolute fact. I generally figure that goes without saying, because whose life is always like that? Mine's not.

This morning, for example, meltdowns have been more the order of the day than hearts and rainbows. But it's early yet; here's hoping....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yippee Skippee!

A year ago today, we got on an airplane to bring this darling girl home from China. We were scared to death, as I'm sure she was too. Here's what things are like today:


I'll post again on Monday, our "Gotcha Day" anniversary, which will be my last post here on the Axis. I hope by then to be able to leave some breadcrumbs to my next online home.